FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is ICO pool?

It's a community where raising funds for ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is organized. Usual pool offers deals which are not open for the public. Or it offers more profitable conditions thanks to direct agreements with ICO's authors. ICO pool takes commission for its work. The funds are collected to the admin's personal ETH wallet or through the special services such as Primablock.


What is is rating of ICO pools. Service collects data from ICO pools about LIVE deals and represents it in a useful table form sorted by rating. In adittion to rating the data can be sorted by every column in the table. Each of the pool has its history with all ICO raising rounds and their statuses described.


For whom is this service?

Service is made for crypto investors looking for the easiest and the most profitable way to invest in ICO through pools.


What is the misson of the service?

Mission of the service is to help navigating within the huge variety of ICO pools, simplifying the task to monitor them and to protect investors from investing in non trustless pools.


What is pool's rating and how does it work?

Pool's rating is the math value which gives an estimation of trust and success of the pool. It's calculated on the following formula and can take values from 0 to 10:

Rating = Log(1.29, (B/A+C/A)*0,5*F*10+(K*C/50)+(3*FR/FRm)+D+E), where

A - number of finished ICO raising rounds (successful and unsuccessful)
B - number of succesful ICO raising rounds
C - number of token distribution rounds
F - «weight» of the pool’s history. The value is 0,6 at the moment.
K=3 - the limit for token distribution acceleration (the more rounds of token distribution pool has the more rating it gets). The maximum value is 3.
FR - funds raised in successful rounds of current ICO Pool
FRm - maximum of the funds raised in successful rounds of the leading by this value ICO Pool
D - having additional links to the pool. D can be 0 or 1
E - supporting KYC procedure. E can be 0 or 1

Rating is calculated for the pools which have at least 2 token distribution rounds with 50 eth combined in these rounds and "older" than 1 month. The resulting value is always rounded to the smallest integer.


What is "Min cap"?

It's the size of minimum investment from which investor can enter to ICO in the pool.


What is "discount"?

It's pecentage of dropping the token's price for the pool's participants. For example, with 10% discount and the inital token's price of 1 ETH, the final price for the pool's participants will be 0,9 ETH.


What is "commission"?

It's percentage that pool takes for organizing raise rounds. Usually it includes the commission of Primablock service if the raising goes through it.


What is "token distribution rounds"?

It's the number of rounds when tokens were distributed to investors who bought them.


How often the data on the table is updated?

The data is updated every hour.


How to add new pool to the table?

You should enter to the official group in Telegram and send the link there.


How to tell about mistakes in the data?

You should enter to the official group in Telegram and send information of the mistake there.


Are you affiliated with any of the ICO pools?

Service is not affiliated with any of the ICO pools.