About - TOP of ICO pools. Service collects data from ICO pools about LIVE deals and represents it in a useful table form with all the sorting options needed. The data is updated every hour.

We’ve made this service for crypto investors looking for the easiest and the most profitable way to invest in ICO through pools. Service will help to navigate within the huge variety of ICO pools and will simplify the task to monitor them. Now investors have the reliable tool to avoid crypto scammers.

All the pools are sorted by rating by default. The rating is calculated on the formula which is based on the key pool’s metrics such as: the number of successfully closed ICO rounds and token distributions. The more success pool obtains the more rating it gets. There are several additional but not the key metrics as well: extra links and sources (website, discord group, other chats), KYC and etc. You can find more detailed description about the method of rating calculation in the FAQ section.

If the pool is suspected for the fraud it temporarily loses its rating and gets under strict review.

We’ll be more then happy to answer your questions in our official Telegram group. And feel free to join our Telegram channel to get instant updates of the new deals.

Wish you profitable investments in ICO!